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buy electronic cigarettes onlineBuying electronic cigarettes online is indeed a smart decision, if you are a smoker. Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain more than 80 carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances, thus making them a major health risk. Due to the damaging and deadly hazards that tobacco cigarettes bring to everyone’s health, several mitigating tools and procedures have been introduced to try and reduce (if not completely eliminate) a person’s habit of smoking tobacco; including the currently-hit electronic cigarettes.

First invented in 1963 by Herbert Gilbert, then reinvented for manufacture in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, this tobacco alternative has been sold worldwide for the first time in 2007.

Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online – The Difference between Electronic and Traditional Cigarettes

What you’re actually inhaling in these e-cigarettes is simply water vapor which is much safer than the usual tobacco smoke that contains the deadly carbon monoxide and other disease-causing substances found in normal cigs. E-cigarettes are also available in different flavors unlike the traditional cigarettes with original and menthol flavors as the only approved tobacco cigarette variants by local and state laws.

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The Hassles of Buying E-Cigarettes from Retail Stores

Some states have imposed a total ban on e-cigarettes; and the rest of the states only made regulations on the selling and use of these tobacco alternatives. Electronic cigarettes are maybe priced very much by taxes as provided by such imposed state regulations on these products; and the internet can answer the problems of these high-priced (and maybe highly-taxed) e-cigarettes like those that are sold in the state of Iowa. Thus you can now buy electronic cigarettes online at cheaper prices.

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The Benefits You Will Receive When You Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online

At certain online shopping sites, you can choose from a wide variety of electronic cigarettes of different types. You can go for battery-operated (using lithium-ion batteries) or USB-charged (the much cheaper) types; or the reusable (in which you can just fill-in the liquid that, when heated, turns into vapor that can be inhaled in place of tobacco smoke) or disposable (detachable mouthpieces pre-filled with the vapor liquid to be inhaled when heated, the much cheaper).

As mentioned earlier, these e-cigarettes are available in different flavors besides your usual original and menthol flavored ones: From certain tobacco cigarette brand mimics like Phillip Morris and Marlboro, to the currently-popular food flavors like coffee, chocolate, vanilla, cola, among others, even the unusual cocktail flavors like strawberry daiquiri or piña colada, to dessert flavors like Boston cream pie or chocolate mousse cake.

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E-Cigarette Kits or Separates?

At online and real stores, you would be able to buy an entire electronic cigarette kit (each item in the kit can be bought separately); complete with the e-cigarettes themselves, the glycerin-based vapor-producing liquid refill (in the case of reusable e-cigarettes) or a set of pre-filled cartridges (the mouthpieces of your e-cigarettes, in the case of disposable types), a personal charging case (PCC) that resembles a cigarette pack where you can charge several built-in e-cigarette batteries at the same time, and a USB charger; no batteries are provided with battery-operated e-cigarette kits.

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E-Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation?

For those who want to try electronic cigarettes as a therapeutic alternative to the deadly tobacco smoking, you can now buy e-cigarettes online and in real stores specializing in such merchandise with nicotine content – aside from the nicotine-free variants. Quitting tobacco smoking is actually a slow and gradual process: Suddenly quitting can actually lead to terrible withdrawal symptoms like extremely-high fever, convulsion attacks, and even death.

Amounts of nicotine that are incorporated in electronic cigarettes are much lower than those that are in traditional cigarettes. The best of all, it is just the nicotine that is included in the liquid formulations used for these e-cigarettes and not the rest of the ingredients that are found in traditional cigarettes, especially the dangerous ones like tar.

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Socio-Political Issues on E-Cigarettes

But the inclusion of nicotine in electronic cigarettes is also at the center of debate among legislators and health officials of different U.S. states and even other countries. Some regard the tobacco alternative as a therapeutic tool in ceasing the habitual smoking that leads to several deadly illnesses with justifications that nicotine should be given to those who undergo smoking rehabilitation – but just at gradually-decreasing amounts – in order for the patients not to suffer from withdrawal syndrome that can lead to death.

Others want to regulate the circulation of electronic cigarettes just like their traditional counterpart by prohibiting its sale and distribution to minors as the products’ flavor variations has the potential of enticing the juvenile market segment to buy such tobacco alternatives; and yet some government officials would like to totally ban even just the use of e-cigarettes simply because they’re just like their tobacco predecessors that also causes harm to human health. But so far, no federal legislations have been made to cap this issue.

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The USFDA E-Cigarette Research Fiasco

What also adds stir to the ongoing debate on electronic cigarettes is the conducted laboratory researches on these tobacco alternatives by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2009; which concluded in their July 2009 press release that e-cigarettes were as unsafe to health as their tobacco equivalents with the discovery of trace amounts of cancer-causing tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA’s) in some of the e-cigarette samples tested. Government and private medical associations in the U.S. and overseas concurred with the FDA findings; but as expected, some groups like the Electronic Cigarette Association protested against these laboratory findings. Independent researchers conducted by academic medical groups, although having different bases on their conclusions, partially opposed the USFDA findings in their conclusions.

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Parting Words Before You Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online

The debate on whether electronic cigarettes should be classified as medical therapeutic devices or tobacco products continues; but for those who want to break free from the bad smoking habits, e-cigarettes (particularly those with nicotine content) are effective devices in aiding themselves to quit tobacco smoking. For others, these are safer alternatives to the usual stress-relieving and warmth-giving (during cold seasons) tobacco products.

After all, the people will decide if they will go with what the experts and authorities say about these tobacco alternatives or will stick to what they strongly hold on regarding this health issue.

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