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buy electronic cigarettesBeing a gadget lover and smoker that I am, I can’t help but buy electronic cigarettes. They’re the next big thing for people like me, that’s for sure. But what amazes me more about those hip cigarettes is that they’re becoming more and more popular among people who aren’t even like me, a die-hard gadget lover and a consistent smoker. Many others want to buy electronic cigarettes online simply because it is one of coolest inventions that has ever been made and sold. I couldn’t agree more with that. Who knew that a single stick could do more wonders?

Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online – The history of e cigarettes

For me, being a smart buyer also means knowing a bit of the historical background of the product I’m buying. It’s sort of like a trivia that I can share with my friends.

The e-cigarette appeared for the very first time in 1963. It was Herbert A. Gilbert who got a patent for it. Gilbert’s e-cigarette, however, was never manufactured since during that time, technology was still unripe and tobacco was still not considered the number one killer in many places.

Exactly four decades later, Hon Lik revived the e-cigarette and gave it a modern twist. It is this modern twist that made the e-cigarette a promising product and a soon-to-be must-buy. In 2004, it was formally launched in the market and the rest, as they say, is history.

Familiarizing myself with the parts before I buy electronic cigarettes

Since I’m a chic but techie nerd, I like tinkering with gadgets and learning some of the techie language associated with them. As with electronic cigarettes, the techie language is surprisingly easy to understand. What’s more is that it allows me to smoke my e-cigarettes like a pro.

When I buy those cigarettes, I make sure that I have the complete package. This includes the LED light cover, the atomizer or heating component, the power supply or battery, and the cartridge or mouthpiece. These main pieces, in short, make up the new and improved cigarette stick.

Thanks a lot to science and technology, I myself even have the power or the choice to use a cartomizer instead of a cartridge and a pricey atomizer. Really, the e-cigarette is a product that’s customizable.

Getting more into the know-how when I buy electronic cigarettes

Even if the electronic cigarette has been designed to mimic the usual, ordinary tobacco cigarette, I’m well aware that there are undeniable differences between the two. A quick rundown of what some of these are helps me value my e-cigarette more and allows me to have the best time I can have with it.

Electronic cigarettes produce a certain vapor, which regular smokers like me simply can’t resist. The atomizer transforms the e-liquid, which is contained in the cartridge, into vapor. This so-called e-liquid consists of a lot of water and hints of propylene, glycol, nicotine, and other exciting flavorings.

Another unique feature of e-cigarettes is that they are reusable and rechargeable. Every time I charge my cigarette stick, I can’t help but think that it is so worth it.

The perks I get when I buy e-cigarettes online

Like many people, I find buying things online more convenient. Among the best things about it is that looking for the finest e-cigarette is just a click away or a search engine away. With the Internet, tons of reliable product reviews has become accessible anytime and anywhere.

The selection of e-cigarettes online is also wide and varied. When I buy electronic cigarettes, I pay special attention to the product price. Being the smart buyer that I am, what I always hope to get is an e-cigarette that is not only classy but also affordable.

For my own taste, classy but affordable e-cigarettes are those that really allow me to savor and enjoy the vapor they produce. Such electronic cigarettes are even better and more flavorsome than the usual, ordinary tobacco cigarette.

Choosing the best flavors when I buy e-cigarettes

To my own delight and to the delight of countless smokers, heaps of cigarette flavors have been incorporated in the electronic cigarette. Every time I take a puff of vapor, my mouth gets a blast of familiar but full and exciting flavors.

Some of my favorites are the sweet ones, like chocolate, cherry, vanilla, and strawberry. When my sweet tooth is on break, I choose flavors such as coffee. This particular flavor gives me an extra boost in the morning!

Of course, aside from these household food flavors, there is the much-loved tobacco and menthol flavor. When I want to keep it classic and traditional, I go for these strong yet relaxing flavors. The best part about these flavored electronic cigarettes is that they are free of that harmful chemical called nicotine.

The health benefits I get from using and buying electronic cigarettes

The e-cigarette is a relatively recent gadget that was most especially invented in order to get rid of the harmful and at times fatal effects of tobacco cigarette smoking. When I buy e-cigarettes, I no longer feel the sensation of inching closer and closer to a hospital bed or to my death. Unlike ordinary cigarettes, electronic cigarettes come with a pack full of advantages.

First, as I’ve already said, e-cigarettes perfectly mimic ordinary cigarettes. Second, this perfect imitation leaves behind the harmful and cancer-causing effects of tobacco cigarette smoking. Third, e-cigarettes can be smoked anytime and anywhere, always leaving smokers with the confidence that they smell good and look neat.

With these said, it all makes sense to me why I switched to electronic cigarettes. They are simply superb.

Buying ordinary cigarettes versus buying electronic cigarettes

Many people around the globe have already faced and accepted the harsh truths of reality. I am one of those people. One of these truths is that most, if not all, people want to experience pleasure without the possible downsides that go with it.

Personally, I buy e-cigarettes because I can’t let go of that vice called smoking. And yet, I don’t want to get a disease or get killed from it. All thanks to technology, my so-called vice has turned into a risk-free, environment-friendly habit. Surely, this trend will soar.

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