Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – No Tar, No Smoke, No Odor

Disposable Electronic CigarettesOne way to help break away from the habit of smoking is through disposable electronic cigarettes. It is a healthier alternative if you cannot cut the habit of smoking that easily. It’s a more economical and eco-friendly way of smoking and helping the environment breathe a little easier. Wholesale e cigarettes (buy e cigarettes online) are in fact in demand since it is more affordable and discounted prices.

Most electronic cigarettes are using atomization technology. The e-cigarette works by the use of a replaceable cartomizer (Atomizer and cartridge combined) that has tobacco, nicotine, glycol, propylene and water. It activates the atomizer once you inhale in it, releases a “smoke” (which is actually a water vapor). It can be smoked anywhere since it is odorless and the smoke is actually water.

The next question is whether or not e cigarettes are safe. Smokeless types are very much safe since it only includes flavors that “tastes” like tobacco, glycol, water, and nicotine compared to the regular cigarettes that can burn your lips. These are also comparably cheaper compared to the regular ones; in fact you can even expect savings up to 80% once you have already bought affordable electronic cigarettes starter kits.

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to. e cigarettes It produces a more eco-friendly smoke, does not affect others with the effects of second hand smoke, and it does not leave any harmful residue in the air. Another great thing about these types of cigarettes is that it is refillable, making disposal a lesser concern for the environment.

How does the cartomizer work?

As already discussed, it is a combination of an atomizer and cartridge. The atomizer heats up the liquid and is powered by the battery, where water vapor comes out. The cartridge is the one holding the nicotine or the nicotine flavor. There are also non-nicotine electronic cigarettes out in the market. Flavors come in either tobacco or menthol, but bulk cartomizers are also becoming a popular choice for e cigarettes.

The cartomizer should be replaced when the vapor that is being produced by your e- cigarette diminishes, or when the e-liquid is running out. The battery is rechargeable within 2-3 hours. The batteries usually last for at least 24hours.

Where can you buy disposable electronic cigarettes?

It’s not difficult to find an e-cigarette vendor, may it be online or in other stores. It is either sold in wholesale or in retail. There are online stores that sell these, and there are also retail stores that sell these. In fact ordering these from dealers is getting easier these days. Smokeless cigarettes are best bought from reputable manufacturers/dealers and retailers to get only the e-cigarettes of high quality. Wholesale e cigarettes can prove to be cheaper than when you buy them in retail. You may even find those retailers that give you a free trial, although some of them do not offer such promo. Some even sell these using Paypal.

If you are looking for the cheapest disposable electronic cigarettes then the internet is the best venue for your search. You can buy these for less than $10 and those of better or premium quality that you can purchase for $20-$40. There are online stores that even sell these on discount or those who sell these using coupons and other types of disposable electronic cigarettes offers. All you have to do is to search and do some online shopping comparison on Wholesale e cigarettes. For better reference, you may even check out some forums and reviews of the various brands of disposable electronic cigarettes.

Disposable electronic cigarettes comes in various colors such as blue, white, off white, green, black, gold, vanilla, aqua, pink, violet, purple, tan, navy blue royal blue, cream, gray, grey, burgundy brown, turquoise, off-white, orange, red, beige, and maroon.

The Benefits of Using E-Cigarettes:

  • Users experience the exact sensation to their regular smoking cravings but absent the bad smell and nasty taste
  • A better and healthier alternative to smoking
  • Satisfies nicotine cravings
  • It is disposable and refillable all at the same time
  • You have the freedom to smoke anywhere, anytime since it is not subjected to the stringent regulations of the Public Health Act in open and public places
  • Non-flammable (no combustion is involved)
  • No ash
  • No butts or whiffs
  • No passive or second hand smoking
  • Much cheaper compared to regular cigarettes
  • There are no cancerous toxins, no tar such as carbon dioxide or arsenic that can cause health problems and other problems in the future

There are a lot of long term benefits when using disposable electronic cigarettes such as better health since you do not have to inhale carbon monoxide. You can save on costs when buying these types in comparison to the traditional types, and you do not offend the non-smoking community even if you smoke these in public.

Wholesale e cigarettes are usually sold at wholesale prices. You can find a good wholesale vendor online or you can ask from your friends for better recommendations. Websites are teeming with information as to where you buy these in bundles and other relevant data.

There is no doubt that disposable electronic cigarettes promote a healthier smoking style which explains the increase in the demand for Wholesale e cigarettes. You may even find these e-cigarettes in better appearance since the competition for its sales is getting stiffer as the years pass. Year after year manufacturers are now coming up with the new technology when it comes to e-cigarettes to come up with the best product that they can market out in the market.

Make sure that you broaden your horizons when searching for the perfect type for you. Ask about the delivery details, shipping information and even the reviews about the product. With a lot of choices out there you must scrutinize them before making any purchases. Scams and other fake dealers are also prevalent online so take caution and make sure that you get the best deals and quality for your disposable electronic cigarettes.

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