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The age-old habit of tobacco smoking had long been found out by experts in the medical field to be dangerous to human health. Aside from the created smoke that passes out of the filter and then inhaled by the smoker, the smoke that comes out of the cigarette’s end where the tobacco filling is being burned (“second-hand smoke” in layman’s term) imposes more danger to persons who will inhale it. Also, tobacco leaves that are used in the manufacture of these cigarettes were found out to contain at least 80 cancer-causing substances.

Nicotine Free Electronic Cigarettes Are Safer Alternatives to Tobacco Cigarettes

An age-old tobacco alternative, “sishas” don’t use tobacco but rather the vapor from infused herbs and spices for smoking. These are actually what you find in clubs of Arabic or Persian concepts. The goal of these alternative smoking devices is so that you will no longer experience the harmful effects of tobacco smoking; it’s just that they’re hard to carry and also very expensive.

But in 2007, nicotine free electronic cigarettes (buy electronic cigarettes online) made their debut in the worldwide market. These tobacco alternatives are as light and easy to carry as their traditional counterparts, but are as safe to human health as “sishas.” E-cigarettes are actually a 1963 patent of Herbert Gilbert, but didn’t went into manufacturing for the harmful effects of tobacco smoking weren’t yet discovered at that time. 2003 came and Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, reinvented the e-cigarette and had it manufactured for sale exclusively within China with “Ruyan” as the brand name.

What Makes Buying E-Cigarettes at Retail Stores Hard?

Retail stores in states like Arizona prohibit the sale and use of these e-cigarettes because of certain issues that will be tackled later on. The Iowa state government charges high taxes on tobacco products and even on e-cigarettes due to same issues; thus cigarettes in this U.S. costs a lot. Cigarette prices on the rest of the states are maybe very high due to the imposed regulations on these products. Good thing that the less-regulated internet has the solution to such e-cigarette dilemma; you can now buy e-cigarettes online at much trim costs.

What You Basically Need To Know Before You Buy E-Cigarettes Online…

Electronic cigarettes are classified based on their power source; and according to reusability.

There are two types of e-cigarettes according to their source of power: First is the battery-operated ones (like those in toys) that use lithium-ion batteries for such type; then there is the much-cheaper rechargeable type (like those in mobile phones and other electronic gadgets) in which USB connection is used.

Disposable and Reusable E-Cigarettes Differentiated

Electronic cigarettes are also divided by their usability. There’s the reusable e-cigarette with the detachable mouthpiece that can be refilled, once used up, with the liquid solution that produces water vapor that is, when heated, being inhaled instead of tobacco smoke. There’s also the much-cheaper disposable e-cigarette with also the detachable – but disposable – mouthpiece. The vapor-producing liquid is of propylene glycol or glycerin base, both natural food substances, that is safe to use.

Savoring the Flavors When You Buy E-Cigarettes Online…

You can’t just buy electronic cigarettes online and at retail stores as a whole kit, because you would also need separate parts and other needed components. You can buy spare disposable e-cigarette cartridges (mouthpieces), atomizers (the heating part, in case of burn-outs), the much-cheaper cartomizers (a fusion of cartridge and atomizer), USB chargers, personal charging cases (PCC) that can charge several e-cigarette batteries by batches via USB connection, and also vapor liquids available in different flavors.

You can choose from:

1) The usual original and menthol flavors;

2) the flavors inspired from certain tobacco cigarette brands like Phillip Morris and Marlboro;

3) the now-popular food flavors like coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, vanilla, etc.;

4) the cocktail drink flavors like bloody Mary, strawberry daiquiri, piña colada, etc.; and

5) dessert flavors like tiramisu, black forest, sans rival, chocolate mousse cake, etc.

Quitting Smoking with E-Cigarettes

If you want to start quitting your habitual tobacco smoking, electronic cigarettes are the right alternatives for you. Nicotine-contained e-cigarettes, aside from the nicotine-free ones, are available to those who want to self-rehabilitate themselves from tobacco smoking. Nicotine – at gradually-decreasing amounts – should still be taken in order not to suffer from withdrawal syndrome that happens when a person suddenly quits from doing his bad habitual vices such as smoking, alcohol, prohibited drugs, even the intangible vices like gambling and sex.

What Makes E-Cigarettes A Big “No” in Some Socio-Political Sectors?

Certain issues have been raised regarding these electronic cigarettes. Some state legislators wanted to impose a total ban on e-cigarettes, believing that such tobacco alternatives are as harmful as traditional cigarettes based on a July 2009 press release by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration stating that traces of cancer-causing tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA’s) were found in some e-cigarette samples, including those that are labeled “nicotine-free,” that were tested in a May 2009 research.

Conflicting Scientific Views on E-Cigarettes

Some government and private medical associations, even the World Health Association (WHO), agreed with the USFDA findings; but of course, some other groups such as the Electronic Cigarette Association find the USFDA results unreliable for lack of substantial basis and even accused the government health agency of not having probity in performing and concluding with their researches.

But research findings from academic medical organizations like the Boston University School of Public Health, the University of California in Berkeley, and the University of East London had partially outspoken the July 2009 USFDA report; with reservations on the pros and cons of using electronic cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes Amidst the Controversies

Due to their alleged potential of establishing a market base for juveniles with its flavor variations, some legislators in different U.S. states wanted to impose a set of regulations on electronic cigarettes which includes the prohibiting of the sale and use of e-cigarettes to minors. The debate on the absolute acceptance of electronic cigarettes as therapeutic tools in ceasing the people’s habit of tobacco smoking continues up to this day. But as for the people who patronize this said tobacco alternative, it’s still business as usual.

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