Vapor Electronic Cigarettes – No Smoke, Many Flavors

Vapor Electronic CigarettesIf you cannot quit smoking, at least smoke safely with vapor electronic cigarettes. It is the new way to smoke without the risk to your health and to your environment. You see, traditional smoking does not only endanger your own life, but it also contributes to environmental pollution.

You do not have to annoy others just to satisfy your craving for smoking. You do not even have to stop smoking abruptly and suffer from the ordeal. You can continue to smoke, but at the same time, you protect your health and the health of the people around you, and contribute to preservation of the environment.

Experience the new way to smoke. Here is how.

Vapor Electronic Cigarettes – What Makes Them Different?

In looks and in tastes, electronic cigars (buy electronic cigarettes) are very much like real cigarettes. Even habitual smoker can hardly tell the difference. However, e cigars are smokeless way to smoke, at least they do not produce real smokes.

These battery-operated cigarettes will satisfy your fixation for nicotine, but will not endanger your life as well as the life of passive smokers around you. What is more, e cigars are environment-friendly. Unlike real cigarettes, they do not contain tobacco and other substances and chemicals toxic to your body and to the environment.

Real cigars contain about 4000 harmful chemicals with 69 of these ingredients can trigger cancer cells in the body. Perhaps you are aware that smoking is more harmful to passive smokers, or the people around you who passively inhale the air tainted with smoke from your cigarette. It is for sure that you do not want to cause these people harm, do you?

Choose to Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

What are you going to do to prevent harming people around you and your environment with your smoking habit? The best solution is to stop smoking, but it is not an easy solution especially for habitual smokers. Lucky for you and all the smokers in the world, technology is giving you what could be your best and easy solution so far, that is to choose to smoke electronic vapor cigarettes.

You no longer have to alienate yourself from society when you choose to buy vapor electronic cigarettes. You would not feel isolated from the rest, nor do you have to take extra effort to go to places where you can smoke. Choosing to smoke electronic cigars allows you to satisfy your cravings even in places that are off-limits to smokers.

Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

With electronic vapor cigars, you now have more freedom to smoke in public places. This is because, the cigarettes do not emit foul smell and real smokes that can annoy and endanger other people who may passively inhale smoke from your cigars. People will no longer avoid talking to you, as they detest your smoker’s breath.

Another important advantage of e cigars is that they are cost-effective way to satisfy your nicotine cravings. They may initially cost more, but when you compute long-term, you will realize that you stand to save much from electronic cigarettes. More importantly, you can use these cigars to

help you quit your smoking habit successfully.

How Vapor Electronic Cigarettes Work

E cigarettes have three (3) basic components to make it work: cartridge that may or may not contain nicotine, atomizer that vaporizes the liquid, and the rechargeable battery. Battery-operated, you place the cartridge, with drops of liquid, which may or may not contain nicotine, into the end of the cigarette that goes into your mouth. The atomizer starts to heat the liquid to turn it into vapor that you inhale as if you are smoking real cigarette.

Smoking an e cigarette gives you the same sensation as smoking real or commercial cigarette. The difference is in the ingredients. The only ingredient common to both types of cigarettes is nicotine. However, those who use e cigars as a tool to stop their habit, will shift from nicotine-based cartridge to nicotine-free cartridge, thereby making vapor e cigarettes 100% safe to smoke.

What Makes Electronic Cigarette Safe to Smoke

E cigarettes are the safer alternative to real cigarettes. For one thing, they are free from all the harmful chemicals and substances present in conventional or commercial cigarettes. The only substance present is nicotine, but its effect is negligible and tolerable. Since smokers can choose to switch to nicotine-free e cigars, they practically eliminate health and environmental hazards.

Another thing is the fact that e cigars do not emit toxic and foul-smelling smoke. It does not compromise the health of passive smokers, or those people who do not smoke but are able to inhale it from the air. Studies confirm that inhaling real smoke is more dangerous to passive or second-hand smokers than active or first-hand smokers.

Since there are no toxic chemicals and substances present in the smoke of e cigars, it is safer to the environment. Real cigars are one of the major contributors to air pollution, which in turn, harms and damage the environment. Get rid of the culprit, and you have one effective solution to get rid of pollution and its harmful effects.

Where to Buy Vapor Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are readily available online and offline. You can buy them from malls, cigarette shops, or from your local retail stores. However, if you wish to enjoy comfort, convenience, and the best price and quality, the best place to buy e cigars is from the internet.

You will find several sites dedicated to selling e cigars. Most manufacturers, if not all, have their own sites that offer their product online. Because of the competitive nature of the internet, you can get your electronic cigarette at a discounted price than its normal price on retail stores offline. You can even lower the cost by comparing offers before buying the product.


Smoking is a bad habit, and one that is hard to break. It brings harmful effects to your health, as well as to those around you that can passively inhale the smoke. Cigarette smoke is one of the main contributors of air pollution.

An effective solution that will enable you to quit smoking eventually is to choose electronic cigarettes. Free from thousands of harmful chemicals toxic to the body and to the environment, e cigarettes are the safer alternative to real cigarettes. The best place to buy them is online for lower cost and best quality, so you can enjoy the new way to smoke with vapor electronic cigarettes.

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